Afro & Curly Hair Stylist Launches Luxury Natural Hair Spa in London

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Victorine Sika is passionate about hair, with over 20 years of experience as a hair stylist of all hair textures and hair educator her background is formidable. She has worked as an International stage artist for U.S. based African-American hair care manufacturers which has given her work a wider platform and is ready to move into the next phase of her business and career journey.

“My passion & vision is to provide a much-needed avenue exclusively for Afro Coily and Curly Hair.” – Victorine Sika.

It is with this passion that Victorine has launched LuxeCurlsUK, a one of a kind Natural Hair Spa within the Lavender Hair and Beauty @SW8 Salon in London.  LuxeCurlsUK is a hair, scalp & skin therapy space which provides one-to-one customised treatment care for every natural hair need, in particular, hairline treatment & hair growth including personalised reconditioning Spa Treatments. As a specialist in the analysis & consultation of hair and scalp, Victorine aims to re-introduce black women and women of colour to their natural afro and curly hair after years of chemical processing, plaiting & weaving. Consultations will also help clients to select the right products for their hair, to stop them from being “product junkies” wasting money on products that ultimately do not work for them. Another unique aspect of the LuxeCurlsUK natural hair spa is that it highlights the relationship that natural hair health, scalp health & skin care has with healthy eating.

LuxeCurlsUK also aims to guide our clients through the seasonal & health changes, which affects hair condition, growth & skin condition as most people don’t realise their hair & skin changes during the course of the 4 seasons.  “Our aim is to provide, an individual Care regime, Holistic advise with the use of active & premium products for healthy maintenance for overall wellness. All clients will benefit and see guaranteed results from guided care plan while they learn about their multi-textural hair type & hair care routine.” – Victorine Sika | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
Twitter: @African_Glitz 
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