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Monday, October 2, 2023
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Former Sugababes Star Accuses Man Of Sexual Assault On London Central Line

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Keisha Buchanan, former Sugababes singer has expressed her shock on social media, after revealing she was allegedly sexually assaulted on a London Underground station.

The musician, 33, said that a stranger grabbed her bum while she was on Central Line. In a post on Instagram which has now been deleted, she claimed the passenger grabbed her in a packed Tube train.

She wrote: “This disgusting individual thought that it was a good idea to grab my butt while I was on the Central line.

“He thought he had the right to touch me on a packed tube thinking no one would see & while I wore shorts! How dare you…If you see this fool please report him.”

The Central Line replied to her comment via Twitter, urging her to contact police.

A representative wrote: “Hi Keisha, Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. This is something that shouldn’t be happening to anyone travelling on our services. You should always feel safe when travelling.

“I would urge you to contact the British Transport Police with full details and they’ll be able to investigate the incident.”

Buchanan later deleted all her original post to focus on posititve vibes, but thanks fans for their support.

Below is some throwback singer of the girls’ band.

Do you miss them?

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