#WorldCup: Nigeria Defeated & 400 Nigerian Football Lovers Stranded in Russia


According to a Russian NGO,  several Nigerians who went to see the World Cup are stranded in Russia after they were scammed into buying fake tickets home.

200 Nigerians are said to be stuck in the capital city Moscow, and 60 reportedly spent the night in front of the Nigerian embassy.

The embassy has promised to accommodate them for two days, but no plans have been announced for when that time has elapsed.

The Russian NGO “Alternative” is currently their only help.

Watch the videos below

According to the Russian NGO Alternative approximately 200 Nigerians are stranded in Moscow and 400 all over Russia. Many of them have been scammed into buying tickets for the trip back that turned out to be fake. 60 spend the last night in front of the Nigerian Embassy in Moscow. Meanwhile the embassy promised to accommodate them for two days. But what is going to happen next? Will the embassy bring them home? Without the support of "Alternative" their situation would be desperate.

Posted by Miodrag Soric on Friday, July 13, 2018

Posted by Miodrag Soric on Thursday, July 12, 2018


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