Motivation Monday: 5 Ladders to Climb to Overcome Procrastination!


Yes! there are ladders to climb to overcome procrastination in life. You might be aware of it, you might not. This ladder can’t be tougher today, thanks to social media and the internet. But not to worry, if you have self-control you can do this.

Ants have no leaders or instructors to push them to greatness, and they’re brilliant at what they do. There is also a saying that the heart is willing and the body is weak. This is one of the most common procrastination many people faces. You have a brilliant idea of where you want to be in life, how to get there, you start the process and after a week or month you give up.

This is the difference between you and the stars of the world, the singers, the authors, the creators, developers, doctors, engineers and the list goes on. These individuals motivated themselves to prove themselves in other to be noticed or recognised. Even if you need help, you need to start the ball rolling.

So start now, right away. Draw out that plan on how to achieve your goal and stick to it.

2.      PLAN AHEAD
Planning ahead is one of the ladders you need to overcome procrastination. It can help organize your day and your busy schedule. Planning ahead is a great way to prioritize and schedule your events and activities in a strategic manner in other to achieve your daily goals.

No matter how busy your life, work, family and children get, you still need to plan ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute. Maybe you see others procrastinating until the last minute, and it makes you worry that things will never get done in time. Stick to your guns and leave when you need to, mostly when you’ve got other activities that are important to you. Planning helps everyone work together while still getting everything done in a team.

Every great leap forward in your life comes after you have made a clear decision of some kind. Decisiveness is about making a decision or a choice. A person who is decisive is able to make a clear distinction between options.

The ants made a decision to prepare and gather food at the right time. They searched for and discovered the right moment for them to get out of their nests and hiding places to search for what was needful and important to their destiny. They were not too lazy to get out from their so-called comfort zone. I am very sure that they were faced with fire and dangerous events which could have limited them from chasing their sure future. They were not hindered by the rocks, blocks, lizards, snakes and other things that could have posed a threat to them. The ants were fully determined to attain their destiny.

The choice you make on a daily basis affects what you will have, be or do in the tomorrows of your life. It is very important that you do not postpone decisions you need to make today for your family, children, job, marriage, relationship and your future because it could have dire consequences future. Be decisive!

Life is a journey which must be travelled with focus. You cannot get to your destination safely without focusing on the road to success. You cannot get to the mountaintop without focus. The higher you climb the mountain of success, the more you need to train your mind to focus. A pilot or a driver cannot get his passengers to where he is going safely without remaining focused.

In my field of work, you cannot be a surgeon or a nurse undertaking the responsibility of caring for patients unless you focus on the particular patient allocated to you in the intensive care unit. This makes it clear that we all need the spirit of focus to enable us to overcome any limitations that may face us.

On the road to your destiny, you need to understand that there may be some obstacles and challenges. Jesus Christ and His disciples were faced with a severe storm (Mark 6:45-56), but they survived. This means that with the power of focus, you can achieve your dream. You only get to your destination or your future when you are willing to remain steadfast and focused. I have decoded the word FOCUS into two statements which really make sense.

Fight Obstacles Continuously Until you Succeed: Ferdinard Lawson

When you want to be a high achiever, you need to fight continuously until you succeed in life. When examining the movement of an ant, we see that they all move in one direction irrespective of distraction.

Focusing on an assignment is very important in overcoming the habit of procrastination. We can observe that all ants focus on one thing, such as preparing and gathering food for the winter season. Are you equally focused on your God-given assignment? Remain focused and do not look at what is happening around you to distract you from getting to your destiny. You must search for yourself to see what threatens to take your focus away from your assignment.

Be like the ants and do not give up easily. Successful people are never satisfied with their current level of achievement, neither are they limited by any form of disability. No matter what terrain they are going through, the ants keep on carrying the food without ever giving up. The Lord is on their side and yours.

‘Success is a result of good decision making – failure is as a result of bad decision making’

I head Bishop Michael Hutton-Wood once say that ‘self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not’. Developing a spirit of self-discipline is actually mastering your self-confidence, self-esteem and inner strength, to produce self-satisfaction. It is sometimes said that people who lack self-discipline often become failures. In view of this, it is possible to say that self-discipline is one of the ladders that will enable you to remain focused on your destiny.

When you look at the way an automobile works, it relies on its parts to be reliable. For example, you need the gearbox, clutch, brakes, wheels, headlights, hazard lights, just to mention a few to enable it to function. So it is also vital that you have self-discipline as a vital part of your life to be able to overcome any limitations before you. Self-discipline should be the fuel in your petrol tank to get you to your destiny.

This life is full of challenges, and sometimes a challenge tends to distract your focus and purpose for a particular day. However, when you are disciplined enough to remain on track you will surely get to that place of fulfilment. Imagine travelling on a highway and coming across a number of lights indicating that you should reduce your speed. You do not change your mind about the journey but discipline yourself to continue it. The journey into your destiny will be limited by so many roadworks, traffic lights and sometimes other drivers pulling in front or across you, so it will take discipline to remain the driver you were when you first began the journey without getting upset and angry.

In my field of work, I have seen this demonstrated when an individual decides to quit smoking or other health-related problems like drinking and drug addiction. It takes self-discipline to overcome them. Do not allow the flood of procrastination to creep into your life or take you by surprise. Use these ladders to overcome the tsunami of procrastination. You can do it.

‘Discipline is the power that fuels the systems that LEAD you to larger goals.’ (unknown)



Written by:  Ferdinard Lawson | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
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