Stormzy Launch Cambridge Scholarship For Black Students Despite All Odds


Stormzy today announced that he’ll be funding 2 black British students to go to the University of Cambridge. The Stormzy Scholarship will pay for tuition fees and provide a maintenance grant for up to four years of an undergraduate course.

The British rapper also made the announcement at his old school in south London, today which was  A-level results day, saying 2 students will receive the scholarship this year, and 2 in 2019.

“It’s so important for black students, especially, to be aware that it can 100% be an option to attend a university of this calibre,” the rapper was quoted as saying.

“We’re a minority, the playing ground isn’t level for us and it’s vital that all potential students are given the same opportunity,” he addd.

Cambridge has received criticism for not admitting many students from Black, Asian and minority ethnic background, and one Financial Times report said some colleges in the school didn’t admit any black student between 2012 and 2016.

The university which admitted only 58 black students to undergraduate courses in 2017, had in June, asked parents and schools for help attracting black students.

Stormzy didn’t attend university but got six A*s, three As and three Bs at GCSE, according to BBC.

Applicants for the scholarship must have an offer to study at Cambridge and must apply on or before August 30th.

For the 2019 batch, applicants must apply through UCAS on or before October 15.

Watch A Behind the Scenes where Stormzy Goes to Cambridge to meet some of its current black students. | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
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