Motivation Monday: Stop Begging People To Support Your Business!

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Yes, Never ever beg people to patronise your business, command it! if the goods are good, people will fall for it. Focus on improving your projects, goods, services, skills etc. When it comes to spending money, people are ambivalent about how they part with their money.

When it comes to new products or services you have to give them a reason to trust you.

Often time on Social Media, I see entrepreneurs begging friends and family to like their page, buy their products or support their events by buying tickets. I will rather say don’t because if they think your business is not worth their time and money, then it isn’t.

Instead of begging for ‘LIKES’, focus on finding better ways to ‘WOW’ your future fans or customers, improve your services or showcase your customers an irresistible offer they wouldn’t find elsewhere.



1. YOU’RE NOT THE FIRST IN YOUR FIELD: Yes, and you have to accept this. Life is just like that, no idea is new, well the majority isn’t mostly when it comes to products. There is someone out there doing it bigger, better and cheaper. You need to give your clients reasons why they should trust you instead of the bigger well-known brands.

2. IT’S NOTHING AGAINST YOU: You can’t hate someone for not buying from you, you can’t force people to come to your event, even your friends. However, you can make changes that can change their minds. Pleading with people to support also shows that you’re not handling things professionally, nothing kills your reputation faster than this. Once they start attending or liking your page out of their own heart, then you’re doing something right, just keep going.

3. FEEDBACKS: Instead of complaining, request for feedback, you’ll be surprised what people have to say about your business. Some will even suggest a great idea which might just hint an idea that can help you become the best in your field. Don’t take bad feedback to heart either, instead take it as a constructive criticism and work to improve them. If someone doesn’t want to attend your fashion event because there are too many others, then spice things up, Invite a popular singer people love, invite dancers, entertainers, offer refreshments, add other kinds of services etc.

4. NETWORK: One of the best ways to be seen or get known is to attend events that add value to your product. Networking is very effective. You can’t beg people to buy tickets to attend your event when you don’t even attend theirs. Again you can’t ask people to follow your business page when you don’t follow or support theirs. The small business community is a two-way journey called; ‘Scratch me, I scratch you’. Until you’re bigger and well known with a huge amount of followers, I will rather say this is one of the best ways to get noticed and attract the right customers.

5. KNOWING YOUR CUSTOMERS: Not everyone is your customer, in fact, this is one of the first things one needs to take into consideration when running a business, maybe you’ve been barking the wrong tree all this while, hence why people are ignoring your products or services. Knowing your clients or where to find them will make things a lot easier.

6. ADVERTISEMENT: It doesn’t matter how small! advertise and keep talking about your business, apart from chasing new customers, people will continue to get more familiar with your business. If you have an upcoming Movie Premiere, advertise with bloggers and online Magazines such as African Glitz, to help create more awareness and buzz. No! publication in just one blog is not enough the more advertisement the better the buzz, your project will likely reach a wider audience.

So in conclusion, these are some of the things you can try to improve as an entrepreneur or business owner instead of begging friends and family on Social Media to support your business, they can only do it for a while. If you keep resulting in begging, then you’re not doing something right.

For so long I was worried about people not liking our Facebook page after we’ve done publication or video, but then one day we created a video that spoke to many people, within a week, we gained a whopping extra 3000 followers from across the world. And that, my friend, is how it works.

I believe that if you do it right, be it a movie, a product or an event, people will praise you, even those you call your haters. Also, know that most praises you’ll get from doing something right will come mostly from strangers whom you strike the right cord or connection with, they are your future customers too.

So go out today look back, reflect and think of what you’re doing wrong and start making a change. If you have to beg for support all the time then its either safe to say that you don’t know the business or you don’t know your audience. Focus on learning instead of nagging and remember with time, things will fall into place.

Have a productive week!

Written by: Noellin | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
Twitter: @African_Glitz 
Facebook: @AfricanGlitz 
Instagram: @AfricanGlitz


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