Kweku Adoboli, the former UBS trader who was convicted of $2.3 billion fraud makes a last minute attempt to avoid deportation to Ghana


Kweku Adoboli, 38, is currently being detained in an immigration removal centre and is due to be deported to Ghana tomorrow

Friends and supporters of Adoboli say that he is due to be deported on Tuesday at 4 am. His lawyers have launched a judicial review and are also seeking an injunction to stop Adoboli’s removal.

Hannah Bardell, Adoboli’s MP, is among those calling for the government to overturn the decision to deport her constituent.

In a letter to the home secretary Sajid Javid, Bardell wrote: “The recent comment by former home secretary Amber Rudd MP that “the Home Office has become too concerned with policy and strategy and sometimes loses sight of the individual” is apt in this case and we are sure no one in the cabinet wishes to have another ‘Windrush Generation’ scandal on their hands anytime soon.”

“Although Mr Adoboli’s offence was not one of violence, he committed a serious offence and this was reflected in the length of his sentence.

The immigration minister, Caroline Nokes, has refused to halt his deportation.

“Financial crime, like all crime, has an impact on the society that we live in and the public expects robust action to be taken against foreign nationals who abuse our hospitality by committing crime,” The Guardian reported Nokes wrote in a letter to Bardell.

Adoboli was found guilty of fraud in 2012. He lost the Swiss bank UBS $2.3 billion and was sentenced to seven years in jail.

Because of the terms of his sentencing, he is prohibited from working and he has spent the years since his release in 2015 voluntarily delivering training to educate people on how to avoid incidents like his from being repeated.

The Home Office, the government depart overseeing his deportation, is one of the organisations that he has helped, the BBC has reported.

Adoboli, left Ghana, his country of birth when he was 4 years old and has lived in the UK since he was 12.

The 38-year-old is not a British citizen and is therefore prone to be affected by the law that any foreign national who is sentenced to longer than four years in prison is automatically subject to deportation unless they can successfully argue they have a compelling grounds to remain in the UK. | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
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