Police Fire Teargas, Shoot at Saraki, Dino Melaye, other PDP Bigshots During Peaceful Protest in Abuja


The Nigeria police today teargassed, and shot at the PDP members who were on a peaceful protest at the INEC office Abuja and the Nigeria police laid a threat on them, asking them all to go home or find themselves in jail.

Police cordoned off the INEC office, physically whipped and hit some of the protesters some who were PDP senators and others while shooting guns and firing teargas.
An eyewitness said some people sustained gruesome injuries and were rushed to the hospital while some were suffocated and fainted at the chaotic scene. 

One of the protesters, Senator Ben Murray Bruce was physically abused and teargas said:

‪”I have just been teargassed by the Nigerian Police after protesting at INEC’s office. Gunshots have been fired. This was and still is a peaceful protest. How can I be treated like this in a country I have fought for and invested in? This is madness, I came with words and they answered with bullets!”

It will be recalled that during the Ekiti and Osun elections, police were used to intimidate PDP voters and officials while giving leeway to the APC voters and officials to thumbprint cart away election materials and rigged the election.
This informed today’s protest to lay grounds for unbiased election and police collusion in the rigging of elections.

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