Ireland Based African Medical Professionals Get Deported from Tanzania for No Reason


Dr Adanna Steinacker aka Adanna David and her team from Medics Abroad, an international organisation that is redefining medical education through innovative learning and travel elective got deported from Tanzania, the moment they arrived the country for no concrete reason.

Dr Adanna who is Nigerian with her business partner Dr Helen Zidon created a platform that is committed to excellence in the field of healthcare. They created a platform where they take medics and student medics to African countries for work experience.

According to the team on the video below, they were denied into the country for not adhering to visa rules which weren’t even on the Tanzania website. They got deported back to Ireland with the next available flight.

‘Unfortunately, foreigners are given more respect in Africa than African citizens. We are our biggest enemy”. Said a fan after watching this video.


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