All Lies: Black American Teenager Who Says She’s White Is Fake, Sister Revels


What an individual is willing to do just to trend online!

The sister of a black teenager who appeared on American TV show Dr Phil and proclaimed that she was white and made derogatory comments about black people has said that the girl’s attitude was all an act.

Speaking on the Dr Phil show, Treasure Richards, 16, said: “Most African-Americans speak ghetto, and when it comes to black people, I think they’re all ugly, and I have nothing in common with them. I act and think like a white person, instead of a black person.”

She also said: “When I think about African-Americans, I feel like asking them, ‘What is wrong with them?’ They’re really dangerous.”

In the episode, which has gone viral, Treasure’s mother, Monique, said that her daughter, who was co-parented by a white man, never knew her biological father, who was black. As a result, it was claimed that Treasure believed she was biracial. However, her sister has refuted this.

Treasure’s sister Nina told Essence: “Treasure always knew who her biological dad was, when it came to daddy (William), he was a very loving and kind man. All of that narrative of her not knowing she wasn’t white, is fake. He loved us and was such a loving person and seeing his picture his picture slapped all over television was a disgrace.”

The 25-year-old told the publication that she did not know that her sister, mother and brother were going to appear on the show.

“I knew they were going to LA but I didn’t know what it was about,” she said.

According to her Nina, the trio agreed to appear on the show because of the free trip and so that Treasure could become a meme.

Nina also said that her sister’s comments about hating everything to do with black people were untrue.

Essence reported that Treasure’s Facebook page shows she has black friends and has even shared support for Black Lives Matter.

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