“Isn’t it funny how it’s okay for them to have side chicks but not okay for us to have side niggas” Actress Juliet Ibrahim Thinks out loud


Ghanaian Actress Juliet Ibrahim has been indirectly voicing her opinion since her unforeseen breakup with Nigerian boyfriend, Iceberg Slim. The once lovebirds have been throwing messy fireballs on each other.

Just recently the actress posted the picture above with the caption

Don’t lose a good side nigga over your boyfriend. If your boyfriend was a good dude you wouldn’t need a side nigga.

She had social media attacks but however was not cowed, the beauty instead went ahead to post a follow up insisting women can have side niggas since men feel it’s OK to have side chics.

She wrote:

Isn’t it funny how it’s okay for them to have #sidechicks but not okay for us to have #sideniggas ??? Application forms loading, however be prepared to sign a #sideniggacontract ???? #Goodmorning #Unicorns #justsaying

The actress whose relationship went south is making her stand and perhaps fighting for women around the world.

The popular actress shared this sexy picture below to celebrate 3 million followers on Instagram.

(c) Instagram


The Ghanaian actress and the Nigerian rapper stole the hearts of many when they started dating in 2017. The pair kept social media busy by sharing a series of loved-up photos of themselves, and even going as far as getting matching love tattoos.

The ex-lovers have been throwing fireballs at each other on social media. Iceberg recently shared a post that reads, 

‘when a toxic person can no longer control you, they’ll try to control how others see you. The misinformation will feel unfair, but stay above it, trusting that other people will see the truth just like you did’.

In response, Juliet Ibrahim shared a series of posts describing the rapper as a  ‘narcissistic person’. In her words, ‘a narcissistic person will always use silence in any form of confrontation. That’s how they manipulate you to feel you’re the toxic or crazy one. If you’re dating someone who will rather keep mute then communicate or talk about issues, Run’.


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