Motivation Monday: Don’t Give People a Reason To Bring You or Your Empire Down!


People are angry, don’t give them the key or a reason to bring you or your empire down. Mostly in this day and age of social media, a little news, story or revelation can quickly go viral. Stay clean, work hard, face your truth and haters won’t have the opportunity to bring you down!

Today, it’s easy to go astray, times are moving fast, and we all want to keep up on the fast lane. Avoid using shortcuts, Fake roads and opportunities to get to your destination, let’s face it we all know success is not a straight road and never will be, so be patient and do things the right way, that way you have a story to tell, your journey, your failures and eventually your victory. These are they testimonies you’ll give when you ultimately make it. But when you decide to take a shortcut, let say to get a degree, win an award because of who you know etc. Deliver creativity, and so on, you won’t have the full story to tell because you did not experience or lived it maturely.

Being in the publishing industry, I hear and read a lot of stories. Just recently two great authors were fighting over plagiarism and copyright issues. Last year, a famous philanthropist accused of issuing a fake doctorate certificate, An established singer is sued for using upcoming artists work without permission. A renowned filmmaker was called out for stealing off young filmmakers and lack of originality, Fashion designers accused of stealing ideas, and the list goes on.

Don’t let such accusation dent your world and empire. Yes sometimes you can’t help the allegations that might be thrown at you, but the truth of the fact is, if you focus and try to do things the right way by focusing on your creatives, chances are some nobody coming to accuse you of fakeness or stealing their work will be slim.

Give praise to a colleague when due and support those who come to you for help.

In this life, everything has its time just like the year have its seasons. When you continue to work hard in your chosen field, you’ll learn, no doubts the clock might not be your best friend, and you will make mistakes. However, eventually you will get it right with consistency and hopefully, your time to shine will finally make a grand entrance.

So don’t give up, lift your head high, eyes on the price and continue your journey towards greatness in your chosen field. If things don’t work out the way you want them to, try something else, something new. As long as there is life, there is hope, and all you can do is keep striving!

Have you a wonderful week!

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