#Benefit Set to Launch 2 new shades of Hoola Bronzer For Dark Skin Girls

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Benefit Cosmetics is dropping two new darker shades of their popular Hoola bronzer contour powered early 2019. Isn’t it about time?

While the original Hoola has been around since the dawn of tan, Benefit did release a second shade in 2017. However the company didn’t include a wider range.

Leaked by Instagram account Trendmood1, the two deeper shades were revealed to be part of Benefit’s upcoming Spring 2019 collection. While we have limited information at the moment, we do know that we can expect these to drop around April in the UK.

If the comments are anything to go by, these bronzers have been a long time coming, with one user writing “It’s about damn time! Us dark skin girls want a bronzer too”.

The two new Hoola additions are just the start of Benefit’s new direction with the countless varieties from other companies swimming out there.

While we patiently wait, you can shop the originals bronze below.

BUY Benefit Hoola £25.50
BUY Benefit Hoola Lite £25.50


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