Iconic Supermodel Naomi Campbell Accepts First Ever Beauty Campaign as Face of Nars Cosmetics


Worlds Iconic supermodel, Naomi Campbell, 48 has finally fronted her first ever beauty campaign as the new face of popular makeup brand Nars Cosmetics.

Naomi is a British classic model who has broken barriers in her industry over the decades only recently booked her first front a beauty campaign which kicks off in January 2019. Part of the reasons given was that Naomi would turn down opportunities or contracts when she knew her white counterparts were being paid more.

(c) Twitter: Naomi Campbell

Campbell, who has worked with Nars repeatedly throughout her career, said: “François and I are like family and the same goes for Nars. I am honoured to be a part of such an incredible brand for so long.”

Also in a statement, Francois Nars, the founder of the French brand, said: “Naomi is a living icon and brings such strong personality to the camera.

“She and I are like family. I have known her since the very beginning of her career. From the start, I have admired her, her beauty, and her style.”

Campbell will be the face of the cosmetics line’s Radiance Repowered range for the first half of 2019. The NARS images were shot by Mr Nars and with makeup by James Kaliardos.

The black beauty will front the Radiance Repowered range from January 2019. The campaign will include foundation shade extensions, a new Skin Deep Eye Palette and the Super Radiant Booster. 

(c) Twitter: NARS
(c) Twitter: NARS
(c) Twitter: NARS

We hope this is the beginning of many more to come!

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