The average Nigerian Christian does NOT worship God, they worship their pastors”- Nkechi Bianze


    “The average Nigerian Christian does NOT worship God, they worship their pastors, Daddy/Mummy GO/Prophet, Bishop or Evangelist”. Said popular Nigerian writer, Nekchi Bianze. This comes after pictures and videos of Christians kneeling and bowing to their pastors started circulating the internet this past month.

    Nkechi Bianze in her usual Facebook writeup said…

    “The average Nigerian Christian does NOT interpret the Bible on their own. They wait for their pastors and GOs to interpret it for them. For instance, if a verse of the Bible says “Eat and merry to the Glory of God” and their daddy GO tells them that it means “Bring all your money to me”, then that verse means that they should bring all their wealth to daddy GO. Any other interpretation of that verse is ignorant and not inspired by the holy spirit. That’s why different churches can have different interpretations for same verse of the Bible. It is what the pastor or GO says that the church members go with.

    Even the Bible says that “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”. Nigerian Christians are languishing for lack of knowledge and all to the glory of their pastors snd Daddy/Mummy GOs. The average Nigerian (former Christian) atheist knows more Bible than the average Nigerian Christian.

    Somewhere in Nigeria, a VERY POOR Nigerian Christian is preparing to give his/her January (VERY MEAGRE) salary to his/her Billionaire pastor or daddy GO. Then they will start bugging our lives and those of their relatives for money to survive and pay kids’ tuition fees.

    Tell them and they will tell you “My seeds and tithe work for me.”.😏
    Is it really working? How? Many “seed-sowing and tithe-paying” Nigerian Christians are getting poorer and more miserable by the day. So, how exactly is it actually working?

    Nigeria is one of the most religious nations but one of the most underdeveloped nations and consistently come as one of the top most corrupt nations. So, how exactly is it working?

    Our national poverty and corruption multiply geometrically with the number of churches. What moral are you people preaching?

    You Christian Nigerians pray to leave your religious nation and sleep in embassies for visas to run to countries with far less churches and whose citizens sow less seeds. So, why? Since your seeds are working, why are you applying for visas to leave to countries where most of them don’t sow seeds?

    On the list of the top ten richest people and most successful business owners on earth, you would hardly find a Christian. And if you do, they certainly don’t pay tithe and don’t sow stupid seeds like sowing their January salaries/profits. If your tithe and seed sowing are actually working, tithe-paying and seed-sowing Christians would top the chart of the richest and happiest people on earth. And a very religious nation like Nigeria would be very developed and progressive. But reverse is the case. So, brethren, how exactly is your seed sowing and tithe paying working for you both individually and collectively?

    You can keep deceiving yourselves.

    I will keep talking for those few who would read and gather brains.

    To whom brain is given, sense is expected. But alas, nor be everybody go get sense. There’s bound to be mumus.


    Can someone tell me the meaning of this “yeyerity” in the photo? Why do these mumus have to kneel down for a MERE MORTAL???

    Nkechi Bianze is a student, feminist advocate and a fearless writer. You can follow her on Facebook to read more of her interesting arguments here


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