Genevieve Nnaji’s Director Debut LionHeart Cinema Worthy? – A Quick Review

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the movies most Nigerians can’t wait to see this new year is Veteran Nollywood actor, Genevieve Nnaji’s directorial debut, LionHeart. Spoilers alert! I had an opportunity to watch the movie online, below is a quick review and honest opinion about the TEN Ltd produced film.

The actress who recently celebrated 20 years in the art of filmmaking has no doubt got our attention with her latest cine, a project I’ll classify huge in Nollywood history.

LionHeart movie acquired by Netflix is ready to air on the platform from January 4th. Already showing in selected cinemas in Nigeria and several online platforms.


The begging of LionHeart movie takes us to Enugu in eastern Nigeria, where a group of area boys are protesting at the premises of Lionheart, a transport company. The CEO’s daughter Adaeze Obiagu (Nnaji) comes out and manages to resolve the issue, perhaps showing her true calm and calculated side.

Instantly nostalgia of original Nollywood movie style hits me including the way jokes are expressed in vernacular. It felt modern, unique and rich. As I carried on watching with great expectation, my excitement instead settled mid adrenaline I guess because of the safe storyline.

How safe? Lion Heart used a practical storyline, familiar faces both in movie and music industry and tried to promote unity across Nigeria.

LionHeart, a company found by Ernest Obiagu (Pete Edochie) who decided to step down as CEO to recover from ill health. However, his daughter Adaeze (Nnaji) believes she is the next successor, but here come the drama, her uncle (Nkem Owoh) who is very much loved instead got the role. As expected Adeeze is not impressed and viewers predict she will take action. She, however, found a way to work with her funny, strict and drama packed uncle.

Finding out the company is going bankrupt and might end with a rival businessman Igwe Pascal (Kanayo O Kanayo) Adaeze and her uncle embarked on a journey to help revive the family company. As expected during their journey, Nkem Owoh seems to only make jokes and moves that will get them in trouble.

Nnaji playing the protagonist with Nkem Owo is definitely a movie crafted for their starved fans. The movie story is relatable and overall the acting by the ensemble cast is not messy but of great intellectual standard.

Nnaji as a young single woman, her love life wasn’t the centre of attention, but towards the end, she manages to find a lover from a different part of the country to seal unity in the country?

Nnaji’s wardrobe was spot on with well-tailored business suits. Her hourglass figure almost distracting, something very rare in a majority of Nollywood movies.

Yinka Edwards cinematography was professional as always. The picture quality was an exceptional standard. Setting very Idealistic including the casts.

After watching LionHeart, I came to the conclusion that Nollywood is ready when it comes to production, Camera, customs and directing. However, story, dialogues and structures need to be improved immensely.

LionHeart is great entertainment and a must watch movie for every Nigerian in particular. If not for the entertainment, then for the support of a better Nollywood.

In conclusion, Genevieve Nnaji’s film is worthy of its place on the big screen, in a time when Nollywood have mostly films that look interesting on posters or teasers and disaster to watch.

Lion Heart is written by Genevieve Nnaji and Chinny Onwugbenu, C.J Obsi, Ishaya Bako and Emil Garba.

Produced by Chi Chi Nwoko and Oliver Aleogena with Genevieve Nnaji and Chinny Onugbenu as executive producers.

Have you seen the movie?

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