“Innocent until proven guilty,” Said Man Charged With Murder Over Surrey Train Stabbing

Court artist sketch by Elizabeth Cook of Darren Shane Pencille appearing at Staines Magistrates' Court where he is charged with the murder of Lee Pomeroy on a London-bound train.

On Saturday, January 5th, A tragic news about the stabbing of a 51 year old man travelling to London on a train broke. The man accused of murdering the father appeared in court, saying he is “paranoid” and “hearing voices”.

Identified as Darren Shane Pencille. The 35-year-old man stood before magistrates on Monday and was charged with the murder of Lee Pomeroy, who had been heading out for a day-trip with his 14-year-old son a day before his 52nd birthday.

Pencille the offender, spoke to confirm his name, date of birth and identifies as British. Addressing the court, he said: “Innocent until proven guilty,” adding: “I’m paranoid. I’m hearing voices.”

Officers said Pencille was further charged with possessing an offensive weapon, while 27-year-old Chelsea Mitchell was also charged on Sunday with assisting an offender.

The charge against Mitchell states the mother-of-one helped the alleged killer leave the scene and to change his appearance on January 4.

Later on Monday, Judge Robert Fraser remanded the pair in custody to appear by prison video-link at the same court on February 7.

The victim, Pomeroy, lived in Guilford and owned an IT firm. He boarded the 12.58pm train service between Guildford and London Waterloo at London Road station on Friday afternoon with his son, age 14 when the incident happened. The Police believe a brief row broke out leading to Pomeroy’s death.

Image: Yahoo News UK

In a statement, the family portrayed him as a loving father and husband. “He was a devoted family man and did everything for his family,” they said.

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