Who Owns The @World-Record-Egg Account?


The most popular picture on Instagram ‘TheEgg’ has got over 43.1 million and still counting. But our question is, who owns the account? The account owner is still anonymous. One thing we know for sure is that @world_record_egg has hit a jackpot and is no doubt sitting on a gold mine.

According to Telegraph.co.uk, the Instagrammer who is a Londoner refused to reveal their identity used a Stock image of an egg to break the world record for the most popular picture on Instagram. Dethroning reality TV star Kylie Jenner as the holder of the “most-liked” picture on the social media site.

The user said the experiment started out as something funny but turned into a “whirlwind week” after thousands of “likes” poured in.

The idea of attempting to break the record for the most popular photo occurred to him when he was doing dry January.

“I was sitting at home reading an article online about the top 20 Instagram posts of 2018,” he said.

“I thought it would be an interesting experiment to try and beat the record with something as basic as possible, which led to me deciding on the egg.” He added.

One thing we noticed was the owner got the account verified quickly after it reached 1 million followers and the single picture of an egg racking in 19 million Like. The “world-record-egg” account opened on January 4th and since then has become the talk of every media outlet.

What will the owner @world_record_egg do with such a huge and record braking account now?


Some suggest selling of sponsored post to a brand hoping to ride the bizarre popularity wave that the egg has created over the past 48 hours to get in front of the account’s 6.4 million followers.

“If I were them, my next post would be an ad,” said Darren Lachtman, who sold his social media talent agency called Niche to Twitter in 2015 before starting a content company called Brat. “They hit the lottery and they got a billboard in Times Square for free on Instagram. What are they going to do with it?” He said.

Selling sponsored or branded content is the main way that internet A-listers with massive social followings, like Kylie Jenner — the member of the Kardashian clan whose most-liked Instagram post was dethroned this weekend by the egg — make a killing online. Influencer accounts with the same general audience size as the Instagram egg can make tens of thousands of dollars for a single post, and much more if they sign on for a series of posts or a full campaign.

Lachtman thinks @world_record_egg could rake in as much as $250,000 to run a single ad to all of its followers if it decides to sell out. Others, like Sean Spielberg at Points North Group, an influencer marketing analytics company, think it could be even more.

“I think [they could sell an ad for] close to a million dollars,” Spielberg said, adding that normal rules around how much an influencer can usually charge per follower doesn’t apply to a viral sensation like the Instagram Egg. “[The rules] break down in an example like this where the account has over four million followers, but it’s clearly reached many, many multiples of that many people.” He added.

“I guess it’s also a comment on celebrity culture and how fragile and easily cracked it is (pun intended). But really I just thought it would be funny if something as simple as an egg could take the crown.” Said the Instagrammer behind the now 6.4 million Instagram account.

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The viral egg has landed on the cover of the latest digital edition of Paper magazine. The latest digital edition features the brown cracked egg, with the yolk spilling out onto a surface. The cover line reads ‘Break the Internet,’ on the magazine.

We just can’t wait to hear @world_record_egg plan to do next with the unbelievable fame.

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