London’s Knife Wars: What’s the Solution? The Debate Airs on BBC One Tonight

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The BBC are using their platform to look into the issue of youth violence which continues to grow at a rapid rate. The debate around knife crime and how to stop it continues to be the topic of discussion across the UK. The show airs tonight at 10.45.

BBC London TV will premiere London’s Knife Wars: What’s the Solution?, a debate hosted by journalist Tina Daheley asking police, politicians and an audience of Londoners: What can be done to stop the number of young lives lost on the capital’s streets?

The panel will include Deputy Mayor for Policing Sophie Linden, and Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Simmons.

The debate will be simulcast BBC Radio London followed by a phone-in on the Duncan Barkes show immediately afterwards. It will also be on BBC London YouTube and BBC London Facebook, plus you can keep up to date with our live tweeting on BBC London Twitter.

Of the debate, Daheley said: “When knife crime is talked about we often hear political soundbites in response to provocative headlines with little context. For me it was crucial that we put the audience at the heart of our debate, amplifying the voices of young Londoners and putting their questions to politicians and the police. And ultimately finding solutions together.”

Watch London’s Knife Wars: What’s the Solution? On BBC One (London), Wednesday 23 January, 10.45pm-11:30pm, and afterwards on BBC iPlayer.


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