Meghan Markle Carries On With Royal Duties Despite A Snowy Day In Bristol


Duchess of Success, Meghan and Prince Harry doesn’t stop but carry on with royal duties despite snowy Britain. The royal couple were in Bristol to visit the Old Vic Theatre, stopping to meet and greet crowds from the city.

The Duchess wore a black woolly coat by William Vintage and a printed £1,400 Oscar de la Renta dress along with the boots fit for the occasion and carried a pair of gloves which she didn’t appear to put on.

Before you wonder how she’s dealing with the freezing temperatures so stylishly, it’s worth remembering that Meghan did live in Canada for a long while, so all this smattering of snow probably feels like a light breeze to her, we guess.

Both she and Prince Harry went without umbrellas as they chatted to crowds before entering the theatre.

The couple have only two months to go before the royal baby arrives.


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