Young Conservationist Convinced Locals To Set Free Endangered Leatherback Turtle Instead of Butchering It for Dinner


Africans on Twitter are praising a young Nigerian Conservationist Doyin Ogunye for being able to persuade locals on Lagos beach from butchering an endangered leatherback turtle for supper.

This comes after hours of negotiating with the locals who were asking for 10 million Naira. Doyin Ogunye tried to convince them. She also got some environmental organisations involved. The locals eventually agree and set the turtle back into the sea.

 is a lawyer by profession and the founder of Kids Beach Garden, an organisation she started in 2015. She has been recycling and cleaning Lagos shorelines for ten years this year with her team and the help of volunteers.

While growing up, Doyin Ogunye spent a lot of her time by the beach. With her campaign and Funding, she aims to make Nigerian shores great again. “The beach is my happy place,” she said.


Ogunye’s advocate for this endangered sea creature has touched the hearts of many on social media.

Below are what people are saying.

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