5 Dreams & Goals To Follow In Other To Be Effective

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Never try to defend your present position and situation, choose to be a person who is on the offensive side it will make you go an extra mile, don’t be on the defensive side it will make you never rise above average.

1 Invest time in writing down clearly the goals that really matter to you.
2 Do not depend on others to understand your dream and goals for you.
3 Do not make permanent decisions because of temporary feelings.
4 Don’t make friends with those who do not respect your dreams.
5 Anticipate change in your dream. 

Lukewarm, indecisive people are never secure, regardless of their wealth,  education, or position, so if you must achieve your dreams and goals you must be decisive, offensive and never give reason or defend your present position,  if you can look up you can get 🆙

Written by: Gilbert Macanthony


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