Debate: Is It Ok To Leave Your Child With A Nanny To Go Clubbing?


A debate has been trending on social media regarding parenting and if it’s right for a parent to leave their child with a nanny for a drink and steam-off at the club.

The debate began after Nollywood actor, Gbenro Ajibade took to Instagram to accuse his wife, Osas Ighodaro who is also an actor of leaving their child with the nanny to go clubbing.

A number of Twitter users did not agree with him and calls him out for accusing his wife of abandoning their child when he also abandoned the child and travels to America to chase his entertainment dreams.

People pointed out that Osas is an entertainer. Her job requires that she hosts night shows, network and socialise and he knew this before he married her, therefore it is wrong to expect her to give up her lifestyle.

Gbenro is currently in America pursuing modelling and acting career. Bellow are his tweets.

A Twitter user sparked the debate by tweeting:

“Maybe I’m traditional but leaving your baby for a Nanny to club is a bit irresponsible”.

Majority of fans argued that if it’s OK to leave your child with a nanny to for work or for a church program, then it’s no different from leaving the child with a nanny to go clubbing.

Read some of the are arguments for and against leaving your child with a nanny to go clubbing.

No reply has been published on social media by Osas who is currently promoting her latest production.


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