Motivation Monday: Here are 10 Powerful Motivational Words To Keep You Going This Week


Everyone needs a little push, a little motivation once in a while. The journey of life can become tedious sometimes, when you find yourself in that tight corner, always look for something that can help lift up your spirit or keep you in check.

Below are 10 incredible motivational quotes to keep you going this week.

1. They say size matters but well, can you caption this?

2. Richard Brandon published this quote saying it does not matter how slowly you chase your dreams as long as you do not stop

3 You don’t have to be perfect to inspire other people. Let them be inspired by the way you deal with your struggles, your heartache and your imperfections.

4 Success Formula. Do what you were born to do & pour everything inside you Into it.

5 When exhausted in this journey called life, take a rest a day, week, month or even a year and then come back strong.

6 Always be grateful for things you take for granted, good health and life is one of them.

7. Don’t call your ideas a dream, call it a plan.

8. Always remember to love yourself in the process of chasing your dreams

9. Remember after the storm, sunshine is bound to follow.

10. Always remember, Notting worth having come easy.

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