‘Ignorant Nigerians’ – Actor Desmond Elliot Responds To Nigerians Attacking His Toilet Project


Popular Nollywood actor turned politician, Desmond Elliot, has taken to social media to defend his commissioning of a public toilet project.

The biofil toilet was sponsored by the Australian government and donated by Honourable Ladi Lawanson, Commissioner for Transport, Lagos State.

A post celebrating the inauguration of the toilet on Instagram read: “Sincere thanks and gratitude goes to Hon Com Ladi Lawson for making this Biofil toilet a reality. The Australian government for sponsoring the project. Bar Iraboh for making it happen. Entire Gbaja community, especially the CDA chairman, Alh Seriki for the land and being an example to us all. The entire Surulere. #moretocome.”

Less than 24 hours after the toilet was commissioned on Wednesday, Feb, 20th Elliot is still defending the project, as many Nigerians have taken to social media to express disappointment with the achievement.

One user wrote: “You are all fools. Public toilet? Is that the best you can do? God will punish you all”,

Elliot responded: “I’m sure you’re speaking for yourself. God read about biofil toilet. Ignorant Nigerian.”

Another user wrote: “Where exactly are the pictures of the biofil toilet you have gathered to commission here? #Bunchofdeceitfulpeople,”

The Nollywood actor wrote responded: “if you can’t believe it’s biofil, why then do you believe it’s a toilet. Shiooo.”

According to www.biofilcom.net, “The BiofilTM Standalone is an all-in-one unit that offers an onsite water closet and digester. With the option of a micro flush seat, the user simply presses a foot peddle to release the waste into a digester housed directly beneath the seat.

The unit utilizes the water from each handwashing (as little as 500mL) to flush the toilet for the next user. This unit is ideal for areas with no access to water, this includes construction sites, resettlement communities and low-income communities with no access to water.

The BiofilTM Standalone consists of a super-structure, a micro flush seat, a handwash basin and digester.”

However, some Nigerians on social media have also been quick to come to his defence, insisting he has been involved in other projects.


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