Beyonce Wore This Nigerian Designer’s Stunning £198 Suit & So Can You!


Just this last week, Beyonce rocked a stunning Ankara look that sent us reeling. Do you see the hat? There’s no way to describe it other than epic. Well, we’re happy to say that the whole assemble didn’t cost a fortune and you can rock it too.

The Ankara outfit is the genius work of Houston-based Nigerian designer EnaGancio. Lucky for us, not only are EnaGancio’s designs accessible via Etsy, they are very affordable considering they’re detailed African-printed looks.

While Beyonce’s exact ensemble isn’t featured on the site, EnaGancio has some treasures that you can check out for yourself. With summer on the way, what a time to rock a similar outfit like the music queen.

Check out some more outfit at EnaGancio shop 

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