Miss Sexy UK Female Beauty Pageants 2019 Takes Place In May

Celebrity founder, Zara Shah is set to host Miss Sexy UK Female beauty pageant in May. The London pageant show is all about empowering women to believe in themselves and giving them the confidence to go out and achieve success to the highest standards.
Miss sexy aims to make women feel good about there natural entrepreneurial drive whilst pushing them to endless possibilities.
On the inside and out we want women to;
Be sexy 
Act sexy 
Walk sexy 
Talk sexy 
With no excuse!
That is miss Sexy UK.
The team are in conversation with Celebrity CEO/Founder of several International Beauty Pageants Miss Zara Shah, a Celebrity Judge & Director, a Top model and the winner of several International awards such as; Miss Great Britain, Face of the World, Miss Central London, Miss Dubai, Miss UAE, Miss North London, Miss Commenwealth Ambassador Queen of friends, Miss Hendon Supranational, Upcoming Hollywood Actress, Miss Global Women Empowerment President, Miss Beauty Curve Finalist, IAA Oracle, BEFTA and Colours Awards.
Miss Sexy UK Founder: Zara Shah
Zara Shah is the brainchild behind Miss Sexy UK event. The London based pageant director offers women of every shape, size, age, colour, height, diversity to enter changing the way that ‘pageantry’ should be viewed.
Zara Shah is a powerful woman who’s shaping the course of history with her intelligence, strength, passion, and leadership qualities. She has challenged the status quo, made lasting reforms and made a difference in cultural revolutions in UK.
“It’s time to stop fooling ourselves. If we truly believe in equal opportunities for all woman and men. Feminism is always controversial this is what has to change from within I’m talking about acceptance. Because women are great at building relationship, empowering others, tuning into people’s need, and balancing a number of responsibilities at a time. Their skills are great asset that needs to be acknowledged”. Said Zara.
“You know, on average, fortune 500 companies with more female board representatives achieved a significantly high financial performance than those with fewer female representatives.
Because when a woman adopts leadership roles they contribute a unique set of skills, ideas, and life experiences that can broaden the entire company’s insight, strategies and outlook.
So the best way is by creating a supportive environment that actively empowers women to lead and shine”. She added.
“Last but not least I want to give a shoutout to all the ladies out there;
“Who love and respect themselves as well as each other, to those who support and encourage other women instead of tearing them down, and to those minding their  business and slaying their goals.” She conquers.
There is still time to enter for Miss Sexy UK 2019, for more details call Zara on
07380579160 or email: zara_model@yahoo.co.uk 


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