‘A bastard can never have a place in my bloodline’ – A Nigerian Man Accuses Wife of 12 Years of Infidelity


A man has taken to Social Media to call out his wife of 12 years, accuses her of infidelity and disowns his 3 year old son. Instead of getting sympathy from the court of public opinion, they are condemning him for his use of words and suggest he conduct a simple DNA Test.

The man by the name, Bob-manuel Don-christian took to Facebook to share a beautiful family picture of his wife and kids but claims the young boy isn’t his biological son.

He wrote

“For all of you who think for some time now that I have gone berserk, i would like to bring to your knowledge that I have for 12 long years been responsible and a good husband and also a good father. Today I would love to go public by making it known to all who think am crazy, to know that for 9 years my estranged wife could not give me a man child, until she had to hire a priest of baal to sow a seed of wickedness in her which she tried to implant in my dynasty. However, today even the Almighty who knows my heart brought this wickedness to my knowledge and for this I thought it is the right time to set the records straight. If there be reasonable people with a wholesome fear of God, somebody should tell this wicked desperate harlot of a woman to take the child to his father.
A bastard can never have a place in my bloodline.
No wickedness done against the chosen of God will go unpunished.
I have decreed and it shall stand.
The evil conspirators will never know peace as long as they walk. I have made a covenant with the earth that every one who are part of this treachery and dishonor done against my happiness will go mad.
If I be a chosen of Yahweh, before the fall of September this things shall begin to happen.
If I have served the Almighty with trembling fear and with reverence no man will go free of my decrees.”


The majority of the public he is crying out to isn’t on his side. Some accused him of pushing his wife, while some suggest he take his family business off social media.


Athena Olympian How can men be this ignorant in this 21st century
Any man that doesn’t know he is responsible for a male child is either wicked or an illiterate,,

But this one is just plain stupid

No reasonable person will do this.

I think his account was hacked

Princess Emeka I’m not sure but this boy is your carbon copy. Did you do a DNA test? I will honestly recommend you sort this out privately please because you will gain nothing from this.

I want to believe you account is been hijacked. I don’t know you but you sound like you are in so much pain. Please go to God for comfort. Even if you wife cheated on you, you have the right to divorce or forgive 🙏 her, social media is bullshit…

Please calm down please oh God. I don’t know you but I just can’t imagine the situation

Chidera Divine Onyekachi Is possible you told her to do it outside and now turned against, which one is she couldn’t give you a male child. You put pressure on her and you are here talking rubbish.

Chinenye Tina Chizikanda This one is here disgracing his XX chromosomes.

It has to be on Facebook?

Even photos of innocent kids?


Christabel Adaure You are supposed to be educated yet you don’t know you are responsible for your male child. It’s your job to give yourself a male child…
For 9 years you have been blackmailing her to give you a male child and now she has gone to get it with your prophet of Baal..
Now you came to cry in social media


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