Cameroon Film ‘Victims Love Game’ Premieres at Odeon Cinema Greenwich, May 4th – Save The Date!


Victims Love Game’ a Helen Surtees Production movie is set to premiere at Odeon cinema, Saturday, May 4th. The movie is directed by Helen Surtees, co-directed by Hun Mercy Neba and Prince Okoye. ‘Victims Love Game’ was filmed on location in Cameroon, London, France.

The movie premiere in September 2018, but more editing and story storyline has gone in since then. Viewers will be watching the complete movie and story at the Odeon cinema on May 5th.


Agnes is madly in love with a french guy named Stephan, Stephan makes a demand to seal their love, so Agnes steps up her love game, however a young lady named Destiny becomes aware of the relationship and is not happy, she tries to turn Agnes into a victim of her own love game, through a passage of terror, all hell breaks loose from there on after.

Victims Love Game stars: Uche Odoputa, Helen Surtees, Vera B.Pride, Damaxi Tchaleu and more.  

The red carpet evening promises to be an evening of glitz and glamour.

Time from 7 pm red carpet kicks off at 8 pm.


£30: Standard Red carpet

£50: VIP Entry, Red carpet and Food

and £70: VVIP Entry, Redcarpet, Food and drinks

Make your reservation asap. Do not forget to put your name as a reference.

Account Details

Helen Surtees
Sc. 11 64 35.

For more info Contact: 07832694020


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