Fake Instagram Life Lands Blogger In A Hot Mess & Humiliation


A Nigerian Instagram blogger by the name Okoro Blessing has been busted after she posted a picture of a 7 bedroom duplex house she claimed she built for her 30th birthday. The businesswoman posted a picture of the before and after completion of the beautiful building. She captioned the post with an underdog superwoman story that earned her showers of praises on Social media, but not for long.


Nigerian relationship blogger, known as Blessing Okoro, who runs an Instagram page called ‘Breakup Or Makeup’, got arrested after she continually posted pictures of a new house on Instagram, she claimed she built.
Posting the picture above, The single mother of two young boys talked about how her ex-husband kicked her out of their one bedroom apartment 8 years ago and how she is now a landlord of not one but 3 houses eight years later, icing her posts with motivational speeches about being a child of grace.


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