America-based Liberian Rapper, Tito Gee Is Proving To Be a Complete Star

His lyrical prowess and unique vocal ability enable him to ‘spit’ on any beat. In a pool of truly talented Liberian artists, Tito Gee has been placed in a class of his own for his catchy choruses and hooks.
On stage, the singer and rapper’s energetic and electrifying performances leave his fans always mesmerized. The Phoenix-based Liberian rapper is heavily influenced by Hip-hop, Trap and Afrobeat genres.

Tito Gee, a versatile singer and songwriter, grew up in a drug-infested community in Pennsylvania, with a single parent where drug dealers were the only role models.
However, it was the city’s music culture that impacted his music career. Tito Gee recalls, “I became obsessed with music for the city rap battle at that time. It helped me stay off the streets. Now I want to use my music to inspire and motivate people”.

His music reaches a fanbase of approximately 5,000 fans every month and has a direct online reach of a million plus music lovers every month and a half.
As an independent artist and founder of a record label called “Refugee Gang “, he has released hit songs back to back, and he’s currently one of the bestselling Liberian artists.

Tito Gee’s ability to keep pushing forward, despite the rise in his popularity, affords him the opportunity to chat with lots of big name artists in the United State of America. In recent time, he dropped a song with one of Liberia’s top artist Bucky Raw called “All Day” which is actually trading around the world.

They both did extremely well on this song, vocals presentation on point, and well put together lyrics to go in line with the topic All Day bringing that nice feel to it. According to Bucky Raw, “He said that Tito Gee is a complete and
upstanding Liberian Trap Rapper in the US and he know he left someone very good there to replace him”.

Tito Glee should be given the accolades that he deserves in the Liberian music industry especially since he is the best New Trapco artiste Liberia has ever produced.
This statement was made by one of Liberia’s top music promoter, blogger, on Twitter on Tuesday the 2rd of April, where the Double Wahala crooner was talking about his new song and how it won’t be played by some platforms who requires him to pay them before they can play his songs.

Tito Gee is a talent to behold.
Tito Gee has always loved music from his childhood. It is clear that the rapper has a promising career ahead of him and is one of the acts to watch out for this 2019.

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