Tennis Champ Serena Williams Now The First Athlete to make Forbes’ Richest Self-Made Women list


Powerful sportswoman, Serena Williams has made history by becoming the first athlete to make Forbes Richest Self-made woman. The 23 times  Grand Slam champion tennis star’s fortune is estimated at $225 million (US), Forbes reports.

The majority of William’s fortune has been made as a result of her “brain and brand rather than her backhand”, according to Forbes, with the star investing in 34 startup businesses in the past five years alone.

Opening up about her financial investments, Williams told the publication: “I want to be in the infrastructure. I want to be the brand, instead of just being the face.”

In April, Williams announced she was launching her own venture-capital firm.

Forbes reports that 60 per cent of Williams’ investments so far has gone to companies led by women or people of colour.


Source: Twitter

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