Anthony Joshua Reacts On His Loss & Rematch with #AndyRuizjr #AnthonyJoshua

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Heavyweight boxing Champ, Anthony Joshua has finally reacted to his defeat by Andy Ruiz. In a new video on his youtube channel, he reflected on the fight accepting he had to take his loss like a man without blaming anyone but himself. His game plan didn’t go to plan and he is going to adjust, analyse and do his best to correct it at the upcoming rematch, he revealed.

British boxer and heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua lost his first ever profession match to Andy Ruiz Jr, during his US debut with a seventh-round TKO on Saturday, June 2nd night at Madison Square Garden.

Ruiz, who had a 33 – 1 record, was a replacement opponent who was called in on five weeks’ notice, he came off the floor in the third round to drop Joshua twice before the end of the fight.

Anthony Joshua reflecting on the fight said, Losing isn’t in anyone’s nature in whatever you do, be it sports or business, reality just happens. He made it clear he was not scared or had any panic attack before the game. He went in to win it, unfortunately, things didn’t go according to his plan.

He confessed he isn’t stranger to losing, it happened to him years ago and it hasn’t really changed him, but made him a stronger person with his work ethic and career.

He also said he has been training all this while. He trained in Sheffield for 6 weeks preparing for New york fight and when he came to NY, continued with press talk and more training. He never had a break or night outs. No drinks, only time out for launch one day. All his food was prepared by in house chef, no contaminated food or anything bad that lead to his defeat.

He was surprised to hear people asking what was wrong with him, but he wants them to know that he is a soldier and have to take his ups and his downs like a man.

He advised people to never let success get into their head and never let their failure get to your heart Its all about keeping the balance and moving forward.
He accepted it’s painful to lose, he promises he is still ambitious and going to walk with his head higher like a champ because he is a champion by heart.

He ended the video by congratulating Andy Ruiz and promises to meet him back in 6 months time for a rematch.

Andy Ruiz Jr; Made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about becoming the first Mexican Heavyweight Champion and what it means to him. He talked about his parents feeding him rice and beans and how that helped him win the game. He also talked about being so prepared and how he told everyone he was going to win this fight but no one believed him. “It’s all about believing in yourself and I’m so proud of becoming the first Mexican heavyweight champ”. He added. He told Jimmy Kimmel how he only had a month and two weeks to prepare his faceoff with Anthony Joshua. Reflecting on his childhood, he revealed that he started fighting at the age of 7. His proud Dad called him his rocky Mexicano

Andy Ruiz Jr is looking forward to the rematch if that’s what AJ wants.


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