Breakthrough Snack Launches to Tackle Vitamin D Deficiency amongst the UK’s Multi-Ethnic population

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    Red Orchard is a breakthrough product in food technology delivering 100% vitamin D* in the form of a tasty snack. Until now most Vitamin D supplements have only been available in pills, powders, drops, sprays and tablets.

    Red Orchard delivers 100% of your recommended Daily allowance of Vitamin D in a delicious organic gel snack. Each 40g pouch contains less than 20 calories per serving with no added sugar, it is a convenient and delicious way to boost Vitamin D intake and can fit anywhere from gym bags to handbags to child’s lunch boxes. The product is particularly popular with busy parents, mums and dads have found it to be a really great way to keep their children’s vitamin intake topped up.

    Vitamin D is unlike any other vitamin in that it acts as a hormone because every cell in the human body has a receptor for it. It is produced naturally when the skin is exposed to sunlight through sunshine however in the UK the lack of regular and direct sunshine means that its population is not able to get vitamin D from sunshine alone. According to Public Health England, as much as 90% of the multi-ethnic population are suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency, which is why the NHS recommends that every man, woman and child supplement their vitamin D consumption.

    “At Red Orchard we feel the problems that arise from deficiencies are completely avoidable if we find new ways to improve the experience of healthy nutrition.  Nutrition shouldn’t be a chore it should be a treat – and preferably strawberry flavoured!” – Abdul Hakeem Hashi, Director of Red Orchard

    Red Orchard is available in a delicious strawberry flavour and is 100% Organic, approved by The Soil Association, approved by The Vegetarian Society and produced in the UK.

    Source: Ronke Lawal


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