Nigeria Lawmakers Are Pushing for Death Sentence For Rape?


The concern over the increasing number of sexual abuse has pushed Nigerian lawmakers to consider death sentence for rapists. This was brought up at the plenary on Tuesday, July 9th.

A week ago, ape allegations against senior religious clerics, Senator George Sekibo of Rivers State surfaced in his contribution to the motion on “Sexual abuse in Nigeria: a growing scourge”, sponsored by Rose Oko and 10 other senators, pushed for a review of the Nigerian law on rape.

“We should review our laws and make it a death penalty and by the time we kill one or two persons, those who are raping will control that thing that is making them to rape,” He said

The lawmaker from Rivers State who called for death sentences for perpetrators of the act, also blamed the government for failing to implement penalties for rape crimes.

“If a man commits sexual abuse on a six-month old baby, it is criminal. That person ought to be killed not to be sentenced. It has been happening in this country and perpetrators are not punished. Are there no laws? don’t we have departments of governments that are handling these laws?
“No religions accepts that. We should either review our laws and make it a death penalty and by the time we kill one or two persons, those who are raping will control that thing that is making them to rape.
“The problem is, when issues are reported, people take it for granted. Parents may be poor people who may not be able to push the matter to a higher level and then the matters will die there.
“My appeal is, when an abuse takes place, let the parents report and if they can, run to the Senate. If the police cannot handle it, I’m sure the Senate through its committees will address the issue,” he said.

Senator Dino Melaye in his contribution raised an alarm over corruption in the country that allows rapists get away even though the act is not only evil but “satanic, nefarious, barbaric and outrageously wicked”.

Senator Oluremi Tinubu who in her remark stated that nothing has been done to address the issue of rape,  maintained that children are the most vulnerable groups and don’t even understand the meaning of sex.

The Senate committees on Judiciary, Police Affairs, Women and Social Development (when constituted), have been directed to seek ways of improving implementation of all legislation and policies aimed at protecting minors from rapists and other forms of violence.

Nigerian singer, 9ice has weighed in on the issue of ‘rape’, which is currently one of the most discussed topics offline and also on social media.

Comparing rape to stealing in an interview with Goldmyne, the singer vowed to kill a rapist on the spot in any encounter as he also opted for jungle justice to be meted out to them. He further added that there are prostitutes one can have sex with, even if a romantic relationship is not forthcoming.

He said: “No to rapists oooh. Ladies are plenty naa. Don’t you have mouth to “toast” a lady? Are you mad? If I see a rapist I will kill him. .

It shall not be well with rapists, they wont prosper. Even if you cannot toast them, with N5k, N10k, N20k, you can get prostitutes. They are plenty in Ikeja. Rapist should be killed. .

They should be burnt alive. Rape is worse than stealing because rape victims may not be psychologically balanced again for the rest of their lives, hence the need to kill rapists.”

Nigerian prisons are full. As a reader, what do you think should be the best punishment for Rape in Nigeria?

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