11 Things Busola Dakolo Was Aware Of Before Going Public with The Rape Allegation!


    After the big reveal of the viral video allegation of Busola Dakolo against Bioudn Fatoyinbo, the founder of Common Wealth Of Zion Church COZA. Nigerians have been asking a lot of question of which some are;

    Why is she coming out now?

    Does she want to boost her celebrity status?

    Is she trying to bring down a successful man of God?

    And the lists goes on

    Lets put it this way, for someone to come out in public and accuse a powerful man of God with enormous wealth, connections and popularity in a country like Nigeria. This person knows they’re digging a grave. The Dakolos probably knows what they’re getting them self into and will no doubt prepare them selfs for the unknown.

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