Google Map Goes To Nigeria In An Attempt To Attract More Users


Google Maps is making a change with the aim of making travelling easier for those living in Nigeria’s capital. The idea is an attempt to attract more users in Africa, Nigerians can now hear travel information on Google Maps in a local Nigerian accent.

Moving around in one of the world’s most populous cities is often tiresome and distressing but Google Maps has made a series of changes in an attempt to ease travel for the people of Lagos.

At a commercial event in Lagos on Wednesday (Jul 24), Google Maps unveiled their latest feature, which will also include a more detailed map as well as motorcycle directions, which are due to be available in Benin Republic, Ghana, Rwanda, Togo and Uganda from Wednesday.

Google has identified these African countries as potential growth areas and hopes these changes will capture new users and expand beyond car drivers.

“There are 10 million (motorcycles) in Nigeria, it’s hugely popular,” said Ramesh Nagarajan, Google’s director of product management. “We’re going market by market based on popularity.”

The new and updated app will also allow users to seek directions on “informal transits”, yellow danfo minibuses that operate across the city and are often hard to navigate. In partnership with local startup Road Preppers Technologies Ltd, Google have been able to gather data on different travel routes in order to provide users with the best options available, in regards to weather, traffic and road conditions.

Senior product manager at Google, Jeff Albertson said: “What we’re really hoping is for people who might be making a trip to an unfamiliar town – maybe a journey they don’t usually take – to be able to discover the info they need to make that journey,”

In addition, the map will include accurate information on travel fares, time and also photos of bus stops to help ease commuters travels across the city.

Written by: Juenelle Muge

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