20 Valuable Things You Should Never Forget In Life


    What are the 20 things we should remember about life but very often forget?

    Read on and as you discover each point, make it a life goal to remember them always

    1. Life is Your Responsibility — No one will do it for you.
    2. Only ‘Now’ exists — Tomorrow never comes and yesterday is long gone by.
    3. Life’s a Day at the Amusement Park — Your day at the park will eventually come to an end. Do not waste all of it worrying.
    4. Happiness is what Matters Most — Everything else is just a means to an end. Do not forget that.
    5. The only difference is Choice — The only difference between you and anybody else in the world is how you spend your 24 hours.
    6. Some People are Not Worth it — Think carefully before you sacrifice your positivity and energy on people that only bring you down.
    7. Change it or Forget it — There is no point in worrying about things that will not remain the same or things that will always be.
    8. Keep a sense of Humor — Keep a sense of humor, especially about yourself. It is a strength beyond all measure.” — Dan Millman
    9. You spend 24 hours a day with Yourself — That is a long time to hate someone. It’s about time you started getting to know you and enjoying your own company.
    10. It’s all a matter of how you View it — People have smiled in situations far worse than yours and have cried in situations far better than yours. It’s not about what happens but how you view it that matters.
    11. It’s okay to feel weak, sad and anything else — Whatever you feel you feel. Denying that won’t make it go away. You might as well accept it.
    12. Nothing ever stays the same — Whether it gets better or worse depends on what you choose to do right now, but it will change.
    13. You always have to pay in advance — You get nothing for nothing and not before you paid for it. That’s true for all of life.
    14. It’s okay to get help — There is no joy or success that is found in living a depressing life because you were too proud to get the assistance you needed.
    15. Giving up is the only way to truly Fail — Everything else is a setback.
    16. This is all for You — Every bit of stress, every negative event, every tear you shed was all so you could lead a better life. Remember, you are in this for you.
    17. Anything can change in an instant — The moment you decide things will change is the moment they do. Not a moment sooner.
    18. Don’t wait too long — Life moves on. The sign may never come. There may never be a perfect moment. Don’t rely on it; do something anyway.
    19. Look in the Mirror First — If you’re not happy or where you want to be the most likely reason for it will stare back at you in the mirror. Ask yourself first: “What did I not do?”
    20. Now is the best time to Start — No matter when you read this, right now is the perfect time to start. 2 a.m. or 5 p.m. Right now is the perfect chance to turn it all around.

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