Motivation Monday – Don’t Allow Your Mind To Lie To You!


Legendary Harry Houdini (the master magician1874-1926) asked security to lock him up in the strongest jail cell., “and I will be out in the next one hour” Harry Houdini said.
The security closed the door of the jail cell behind him, pretending to lock the jail cell, but he didn’t lock it., Harry Houdini tried his magic tricks to open a locked jail cell, but he couldn’t because his mind was telling him that the jail cell is locked. He tried and tried two hours later, but he couldn’t.
He cried, thinking he can’t open the locked jail with his tricks again.
He started calling himself a failure as he was sweating vigorously because there was no space for ventilation.
He became so tired, as he was falling to the ground his back mistakenly pushed the door of the jail cell which opened, for the security didn’t lock the jail cell at all.

All this while the door of the jail cell was open, but in Harry Houdini’s mind, the door was locked. His brain tells him that he can’t open it without his magic trick), but he never tried to push the door first, because of the mind of negativity.


Always think outside the box. Mostly when things don’t work for us while inside the box. Find other means to get to your destination.

We can also learn that the same mind that tells us that we can’t make it in life is the mindset that can change once you find other ways.

The mind that tells us that we can’t follow our passion in life and make it, as you can see all you need to do is try another way. Surprising, things might be easier than you think once you find the right way.

The same mind that always tells you that you need to go abroad before you can make. Fair enough, going and living abroad can make things easier for you. However, when you have a passion or goal, there is no way you can’t make it on this earth. With the world being a global village today. You can sit and use your phone to talk and engage in business with someone in the UK or USA. With social media, you can open an online store and showcase your talent, your art, your music and so on.

To conclude my point. I would like to say no matter whatever situation you find your self in life. Don’t limit your possibilities by just focusing on one way out.

We only have one life and one chance in life. Make sure you make yours a happy one and always aspire to go for things that make you happy.

Written by: Mr Steev cares

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