‘I Found Love On Facebook’ – Man Narrates The Story Behind His Beautiful Relationship


When you try and it doesn’t work, try, try and try again. A man narrates how he found on Facebook. For a whole year, his wife today ignored his Facebook messages and compliment. Just as he was about to give up, she finally replied and when they started talking it felt like they’ve known each other for a very long time.

Aaltonen Jumba narrates how they met and their beautiful relationship.

“Any of you will find this strange won’t believe or will talk about it for quite sometime after reading it.

It will inspire some, open doors for some and make some take the Dms seriously.

3 years ago I was on my usual social media marketing spree for my business on an evening my spirits were too low with life dramas.

Normally I wouldn’t pay much attention to what most people post but as I scrolled down I bumped on a picture of a very beautiful looking lady.

I looked at it for a minute and scrolled down, but as I scrolled my mind wouldn’t leave and or forget the picture I had seen so I went back up to have one more look at this angel.

How I got to her wall is still a mystery to me for a whole hour and a half I was scrolling through her pictures and liking them.

I thought to myself should I say hello? would she say hello in return or will she just assume and move on leaving me high and dry?

With all the doubts I convinced my mind to let it go so I shut down the laptop and went to bed only to realise her picture wasn’t going to give me peace the whole night so I did what my head was really pushing me to do.

With so much convincing and deliberation I decided to DM her so I said HELLO JESSY HOW IS YOUR EVENING. Immediately logged out and went to bed I wasn’t sure what response will come through and how I would react to it.

Woke up very excited the following morning hoping to see a response that was not there and after so many days of waiting never came.

So I tried to ignore the feeling ati kamekataa kunijibu haina noma bora uhai but my friend I was itching inside to DM her again.

So after a week of debating with the TAFUTA MTU COMMITTEE IN MY HEAD, I decided to dm her again she said nothing for a whole year and I kept sending her messages every day I could see she read them but no response.

So in December 2016 I gave up I told myself this will never bear any fruits and the whole of December I went quiet only to find myself texting her again in January.

ALAS, she said hello, to me? is it real? WATU WANGU I felt that kafeeling you feel when you sing MBINGINJI IMEKULWA NA NDOGI 😂😂😂😂😂🙂

Long story short, we kept chatting for a whole year without meeting and or seeing each other.sometimes we failed to talk for a whole month but when we did, we talked for too long.

So one day she calls and says I need you to talk to my friend,(ideas started running through my head). I started wondering what could she want to tell me yet we don’t know each other? but anyway it progress so we talked and what a friend she was that’s how we hatched a plot for a surprise meeting on her birthday.

I Travelled to Nairobi on 9th November to meet her with the help of her friend we were able to organise a surprise meeting and ooh what a meeting this was, felt like we had known each other for years. We talked and talked over dinner and we couldn’t tell how fast time went by.

Fast forward we got so close shared so much grew fond of one another and one thing led to the other.

We were blessed with a beautiful daughter

Then came our engagement on the 8th of May 2019

Then our traditional wedding and dowry payment on the 6th of September 2019.

And God knows what the future holds for us…

See sometimes we tend to ignore the signs and or people who are placed in our way for various reasons not knowing they might be the key to the happiness we desperately needed.

We pray to God for blessings yet walk past them in our inboxes and keep complaining that God isn’t fair.

Start responding to those DMS some of them might just be your Mr Right or the rib from your rib cage.

Don’t be too rigid, saying hello will never kill you neither will it make you any lesser of a person but ignoring the messages might cost you your true life partner.

Of all the things one should chase for with all the energy you got in the world is LOVE… If you find and love the right person, you finally will be able to find explore and be you never assume anyone, any message in your inbox because that person might just be the missing piece of happiness in your miserable life.

Love wins.

Photo credit: Brenda Mulama

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