Reasons Why Evodia Mogase Won’t be Returning to ‘Real Housewives of Johannesburg’

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The drama and lavish lifestyle on the show by the six ladies, Mercy Mogase, Brinnette Seopela, Christall Kay, Lendy Ter Mors and Naledi Willers, saw the show trending every week on social media.

Fans favourite, Evodia “Madam” Mogase gave viewers catchy phrases to use like “what a joke ma darling” and went on to be known as the queen of Versace. However, there will no longer be cool lines from her this season because she will not be back for the new season.

Evodia mentioned at the end of season one that she will not be returning to the show’s second season, her fans didn’t take her seriously. But when the trailer for the new season was released, they were devastated to find out she was not joking.

Evodia is currently living her best life with her family, buying expensive brands, travelling, keeping fit and beautiful and supporting her eldest daughter’s business ventures.

Even though she is not speaking about why she left the reality show. We all know every drama comes to an end eventually and in her own words “Life is what you make it”.


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