Motivation Monday: Stop Tapping From Peoples Blessings!


Never allow the glitz and glamours pictures and videos of people you see on social media to deceive you. Leave your truth, focus on your passion, work hard and be consistent in whatever you do. Its a matter of time before you’ll begin to reap the benefit of your struggles. Remember, life is like a tree, it takes time to grow before yielding fruits.

In today’s world, It’s easy to get hooked on other peoples glamours lifestyle. We wish to become like them or ‘Tap from their blessing’, as some say. I’m highlighting this line because it’s very commonly used around our people. When you tap from other peoples blessing, are you also willing to tap from their struggles, pain, lies, weakness, imperfection and so on as well as their glory?

Reality star, Kim Kardashian opened up about suffering from autoimmune disease, Psoriasis, a skin condition many had no idea she was suffering from. But the reality star fills our screens with amazingly beautiful pictures of her beauty, body, makeup, wealth and everything beautiful. We easily buy that with majority envious of her life. Little do we know what her everyday struggles are.

There is a saying that on social media, you only see less than 10% of people everyday struggle. And also, you only see the things they want you to see which is often the best part of their life.

When you are scrolling down your Facebook or Instagram, admiring all those pictures, please remember you’re only seeing what these people want you to see.

Leave your life, leave your truth, you’re the only person you know one hundred percent, so believe in yourself in everything good you do.

If other people including celebs are showing off their flashy lifestyle, learn not to succumb or envy the lifestyle. Instead, learn to work hard for your self. Be more curious and ready to learn how they become successful instead, mirroring ideas from these successful people to help grow wealth and yourself.

Stop tapping from their blessing and learn to create and enjoy your own blessing. And no doubt your own blessing indeed will truly manifest. You might also flee when you see the real truth.

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