Simi Engage Fans With Thrilling Twitter Question: Is It Necessary For a Woman To Stay In Her Parent’s Home Until She’s Married — Even When She Can Afford Not To?



Popular Nigerian female music artist and songwriter, Simi, recently engaged her army of social media followers on a heart to heart online conversation over the weekend. She dared to ask arguably the most controversial question about the African woman that never fails to divide people’s opinion.

Feeling curious about the longstanding debate on the choice of female residency, Simi took to Twitter to seek the honest opinions of her one million followers on whether it was neccessary for a woman to live with her parent until she gets married — even when she can afford not to

Young Nigerians were quick to react. And once again, the question did well to split opinions among her followers.

Africanglitz brings you the best picks from the conversation.


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