Phyno & Teni Release Promotional Single For Cadbury Candy Brand


Multi-talented female singer Teni and long-time indigenous rapper Phyno, in collaboration, have come off the studio with a reverberating power jam titled “Power of Fresh” for Cadbury most popular candy product, Tom Tom. The song is in response to both superstars being signed up by Cadbury Nig. PLC as nationwide ambassadors for their candy brand.

“Power of Fresh” explains in details the breathtaking freshness strength of the Tom Tom candy-sweet and it’s extraordinary ability to leave consumers feeling refreshingly cool after its intake.

It also superbly exposes a hidden motive why music enthusiasts take to the dance floor to shake their bodies — to enchant fellow dancers with rejuvenated fresh breath accompanied by a fragrance so attractive to the nose they might not be able to resist them.

The mid-tempo jam has the potential of becoming an instant hit by giving candy lovers a totally new perspective of the Tom Tom candy-sweet. The melodic voice of Teni gives it a feel-good vibe, and the expertise of Phyno at infusing his dialect rap lines in song glares so much as he delivers really hard.

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