Motivation Monday: Keep Your Eyes On The Price No Matter What!


While growing up, someone must have asked you, what you want to do when you grow up. As a kid, you excitedly have this image of achieving your dreams with no obstacles on the way. As a child, you see a smooth sail to your dream job and no challenges along the way. But once you continue to grow and chase that dream, you soon realise that it’s easier said than done. The obstacles you face will quickly sway you to forget your dreams and destination. Never give up!

While growing up and accruing more knowlege, you will come to realise that your family situation doesn’t even allow you to dream or even achieve a dream. Your State of residence is not conducive and even your country’s educational system is set so back and not equipped professionals in your field of interest, and neither does it have all the necessary assistance you need to achieve that one dream.

When you tell family and friends what you plan to do with your life, they don’t help but laugh at you, telling you that you’re kicking way above your means and you should deem your journey for something simple, something more realistic.

They can be right, but the power of achieving your dreams relies on you. Mostly in this day and age where social media can expose you to a wider audience. You have the opportunity to shine your light now, to scream for attention and get the necessary help. They say Social media is known for a lot of bad things, Yes, and Social media is also known for its good. So many talents have been discovered via social media. Showcasing your talent, be it singing, acting, creativity or scientific, you’re bound to find people who believe in your and will possibly cheer you to success.

So no matter what your dream in this life is, keep your eyes on the price.

Don’t listen to people who laugh at you or who say you can do this.

Don’t listen to people who think you’re showing off, or trying too hard.

Don’t listen to people who will distract you with devious means, or try to sway you from your dreams.

You have the power, it’s in your head. Remember you can see the finished product and outcome of your dreams. No matter how you explain it to people who don’t believe in you, they can never see it the way you do. So use that power and focus on your dreams, no matter the situation of things around you, with determination, consistency and focus, the sky is truly a limit. In the end, you’ll be the one to laugh last, because nothing beats achieving your dreams.

Keep working, keep trying and have a great week!

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