Grudges Among Musicians Not Healthy For Music Industry — PMAN President


The president of Performing Musicians Association of Nigerian (PMAN), Dr. Obi Okwudili Casmir, has spoken out on grudges among Nigerian Musicians, saying that “it is not healthy for the music industry.”

Dr. Obi Okwudili Casmir, popularly known as Voombalistic Uncle P, is the president of PMAN — an umbrella organization that guide, protect and promote the interests of musicians in Nigeria.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, Uncle P advised musicians to shun grudges to avoid resentment in their relationships, sighting arguably the biggest fallout in hip hop history as an example of what bitter rivalry could lead to.

“Grudges amongst musicians is not healthy for our industry and will only create further resentment in their relationships as musicians and may affect what we represent or present to the public.

“Being emotionally immature when composing or writing your songs means you can not control your emotions or reactions towards your colleagues.

“Having quarrel is a fact of life amongst best of friends but you don’t take it too hard on yourselves because it might graduate to what happened in the case of 2pac and Biggie.

“I advise we settle our differences internally if we have any, rather than taking them to the studio and then streets/homes. That doesn’t project us in good light,” he said.

Vector & MI

Supremacy in the rap category of the Music Industry has seen the industry witnessed another recent expression of grudges between two leading rappers — Jude Abaga popularly known as M.I and Olanrewaju Ogunmefun (Vector) — with both currently having a go at each other in songs which has been trending on social media platforms.

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