Twitter User Redesign Innoson Company Logo & Attracts The Attention Of IVM Chairman


A Nigerian Twitter user by the handle @osuolale_farouq went viral with a sensational “re-design” of the Innoson company logo. It was to be “just a normal tweet” but the creativity that backed it up plus the way he analyzed the logo created an internet storm. The twitter post which generated a lot of responses from the Twitter Nigeria users had an unimaginable Shares and likes for just a tweet.

It took the media arm of Innoson Group to Repost his tweets, asked their followers if they love the concept from Farouq and the pictures went viral. Nigerians jumped under the comment sections, with varying praises and applause to the creativity of Farooq.

Notable Nigerians also jumped on the trend as they plead with the Innoson brand to consider Farouq’s creativity in the “re-make” of the logo. What will just be a tweet did not just end there. A few hours later, the CEO of Innoson Group, makers of IVM asked Farouq’s to send his contact details so they can appreciate his creativity and also look into using the redesign of Innoson logo.

Farooq’s response was amazing as he thanked the company for considering him worthy of their largess. Also, Farouq twitter handle grew in size as Nigerians from all walks of life pushed the follow button to enjoy more of his creative expedition.




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