Hollywood Lupita Nyong’o Embarks on Trip to Benin to Learn More About Ancient Female Warriors


Hollywood Actress Lupita Nyong’o has taken a surprise trip to the ancient city of Benin in a bid to increase her knowledge on the famous warrior women of Agoji.

Once upon a time, Benin City was the principal city of the Edo Kingdom of Benin, which flourished during the 13th to 19th century.

But today, the Kingdom is mostly known for its rich history — with the warrior women of Agoji having a big part of that history all to themselves.

The Agoji warrior group was a fierce and fearless all-female army famed for single-handedly halting the British expedition on the kingdom.

Many film scripts and screenplays have been greatly influenced by the brave deeds of these women warriors, and the most notable of them was the Dora Milaje Army in the Marvel comic movie, Black Panther, which Lupita herself was part of.

And now it appears the dark-skinned actress is on a mission to tell the tales of these past heroes that have greatly inspired her and many movie directors.

The Mexican-Kenyan actresses shared photos of the trip on her Instagram page and announced how delightful she was to take on the project of telling the stories of these ancient female warriors.

Interestingly, her story has been described as being worthy of an Oscar award. And since Lupita is of African heritage, it is only normal that her curiosity has been piqued.

To end the story, after holding off the British colonial forces,  the European colonist would call the female warriors of Agoji the “African Amazon.”  And the descendant of these women still keep to their traditions even till today

Photos Credit: Instagram


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