Full Story of Ismaila Mustapha aka Mompha His Family, Big Boy Lifestyle & What Lead To His Arrest

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Dubai based businessman Ismaila Mustapha aka Mompha who became famous for showing off the most exotic lifestyle one can only dream of on social media. He got arrested by Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Agency, EFCC in Lagos for alleged involvement in internet-related fraud and money laundering.

According to EFCC, Ismaila allegedly perpetrates his fraudulent activities under the disguise of being a bureau de change operator in Dubai. At the point of arrest, on Friday, October 18th, five brand new Rolex wristwatches with a total worth of over twenty million Naira was recovered from him.

The flamboyant Nigerian businessman is known for showing off on Instagram and is often pictured travelling around the world with his young family rocking top designer wears, from head to toe. The once a close friend of famous Nigerian celebrity Hushpopi has different kinds of exotic cars he displays on social media, from the latest Rolls Royce to the latest Ferrari 488 Spider, Lamborghini, GWagon BiTurbo Edition 1 worth millions to name a few.

The father of two, who once said money is his best friend, manages a ‘Berue The Change’ store in Dubai. He is obsessed with travelling first-class, expensive Rolex watches and the rarest cars on the planet worth millions. After research, we’re happy to say that we have everything you need to know about this young billionaire and his extravagant lifestyle.

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