Hushpuppi Still Living The Luxury Life — Star Shares Video of Himself Dinning on a Plane

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It appears that popular Nigerian big boy Hushpuppi has refused to let the recent  event of the past few weeks derail him from living the lifestyle he is well known for.

The self-acclaimed Gucci Master is well known for living a exotic lifestyle that one can only dream of. He spends his money extravagantly on the good things of life and parade them on social media for all to see.

Hushpuppi sitting on his car in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris

But as his source of wealth is still shrouded in mystery, many had thought that he would put a hold to his showboating after his friend Ismaila Mustapha aka Mompha, who is also known for living a similar lifestyle, was arrested by security forces on the charges of fraudulent activities.

But apparently, he doesn’t appear to be fazed one bit.

Hushpuppi recenty shared a video on Instagram of himself chilling in his usual luxury environment. And this time,  its a private jet, with varieties of mouthwatering dishs presented on a table before him.

The fashionist ensures that the thrilling song of timaya titled ‘I Can’t kill Myself’ is there to give the place a feel-good vibe. He’d caption the video “the song is literally my mood all year.”

One can only guess that his post is a clear message sent to all those who thinks he’d be giving up his luxury lifestyle anytime soon.

Watch video here.


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